The reasons to go synthetic are endless, from reducing water use and maintenance to providing year-round green grass for your kids and pets to play on.

Still not sure about taking the leap? Check out these five awesome ways artificial grass in Virginia can make your life easier, cleaner and greener:

1. You’ll Save Money with Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass in Virginia is an extremely cost-effective choice when compared to traditional real grass lawns. Once you have invested in the initial cost of laying artificial turf, that’s it.

There are no added costs such as fertilizers and water usage, which really adds up over time as long as you have a natural lawn.

2. Use Synthetic Grass to Green Up Any Space

Artificial grass has come a long way from the cheap plastic grass of yesteryear. Synthetic turf’s quality, durability and aesthetic appeal have made it an outstanding option for both residential and commercial landscaping projects.

From lawns to patios to porch railings, artificial grass can add a splash of charm and color anywhere you need it.

For example, you might use it at the entrance of your home to add a clean finishing touch or on your balcony so you can have a green, private space in the heart of the city.

And with so many styles, textures and colors to complement any type of design, you won’t run out of ideas for beautifying your outdoor oasis.

3. Minimal Effort Required

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a beautiful garden without needing to put in too much effort. It requires very little maintenance, so you won’t need to spend hours trimming, mowing or watering the grass.

4. Insects Are Less Likely to Infest Artificial Grass

One downside to real grass is that it’s a haven for pests. Fleas, ants, mosquitoes, flies, worms, spiders, moles, mice and even frogs can all be found in your garden. Aside from being a nuisance, these pests can also pose serious health risks to you and your family, especially if they infest the house.

However, artificial grass is far less attractive to these types of pests. It’s clean and doesn’t have any damp or moist areas where bugs can breed, which means the chance of them finding their way into your lawn and home is almost zero.

5. Kids Love It!

Kids will be kids, so they’re often running, rolling and exploring outdoors. If you have artificial grass for your home, you don’t need to worry about them damaging the lawn when they play. You can also enjoy a safe, clean and comfortable outdoor area for your kids to play in without any of the usual risks, such as cuts and scrapes from grass blades and other abrasions.

Getting Started with Artificial Grass in Virginia

Decide what you want out of your synthetic lawn.

Do you want your dog to stop damaging the lawn? Are you looking to build a kids’ play area or patio where they can enjoy the outdoors? Maybe you want a private practice space where you can work on your putting.

These are all good reasons why you should consider installing or investing in artificial grass. It’s also worth knowing that you can buy turf in various forms and styles, so when it comes to choosing the right type, keep this in mind.

Think about additional features.

There are many additional features you can add to your artificial lawn that make it ultra-functional. For example, foam padding can be installed underneath the turf to make it extra springy and enjoyable for kids’ play areas.

For pet applications, deodorizing infill that neutralizes odors from poop and urine can be added. You can also add all sorts of challenges to an artificial grass putting green, such as bunkers, sand traps, bridges and water hazards.

Of course, you’ll need to adjust your budget, but if you’re looking to make your artificial lawn as close to the real thing as possible, these features will do the trick.

Think about maintenance costs and warranties.

If you want your investment to last, reconsider doing it yourself. Many people will attempt DIY lawn installation, but it’s not the best idea. 

Artificial grass installation is a technical process that requires professional expertise and equipment to get right.

If you don’t do this, you could be looking at a full replacement in just a few years. It’s worth having professionals handle the installation so you don’t fall victim to a shoddy job or faulty equipment.

You should also consider warranties on your new lawn. Most providers will offer manufacturer guarantees of between 8-10+ years. Check the fine print of what’s included and how long it lasts.

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