Putting is often the last thing weekend golfers have in mind when they hit the course. Most of them focus on raising their distance, which can be a costly mistake. After all, once the ball is close to the hole, how well you putt can make or break your game. A great way to polish your putting green without cutting into your time at the course is to get an artificial grass installation in Virginia.

Why a Synthetic Putting Green Is Perfect for Short Game Practice

Want to practice your short game? You can’t go wrong with investing in an artificial putting green to do it.Synthetic turf for golf offers the same playability as the turf in exclusive country clubs. So you’ll be able to improve your putting skills like a pro. Moreover, it comes in the right density and height for putting.

And because it’s synthetic, it’s incredibly durable. It won’t bend or break even if you play on it all the  time.

Best Practice Drills to Do on an Artificial Putting Green

An artificial grass installation in Virginia will help you fine-tune your skills and build up your confidence in no time. You can do it at your leisure with short games. Or you can go for a more focused approach and do the following drills regularly:

100 Straight Putts

This drill is a great way to practice your short game. Start by putting from the farthest possible distance away from the hole. Then, you’ll have 100 tries to make 100 consecutive putts.

The goal is to not only make all 100 in a row but also to do it in as little time as possible. This drill forces you to focus on making every putt count.

After all, it’s easy to hit a ball into the hole when there are no consequences for missing. But when there are consequences for missing (like having to do more reps until you get it right,) that’s when people get better at golf fast!

Clock Putting Drill

The basic idea of the drill is that you will putt from the hole and move clockwise around the hole. Make each putt at a different point on the clock.

This drill will help you get used to hitting shots from different positions on the green, which can be crucial when trying to get up-and-down and save par.

It also forces you to make multiple putts in a row on the artificial turf in Virginia. That helps you practice getting into a rhythm with your putting stroke and keep your confidence high as you go through the drill.

1-2-3 Putting Drill

The 1-2-3 putting drill helps you focus on the distance from the hole to the ball. You have three putts from three different distances, which can be anywhere from 2 feet to 6 feet away from the hole. It depends on the size of your synthetic putting green.

The goal of this drill is to get a feel for how long it takes for you to putt from each distance and then adjust accordingly. You’ll learn that you need more or less time depending on how far away your ball is from the hole.

Doing this drill on an artificial green will help keep things consistent and help you build muscle memory faster.

Putt Like a Pro in No Time With an Artificial Turf Installation in Virginia

If you’re looking for premium artificial grass for putting greens, we have you covered here at Virginia Artificial Grass. We can help you maximize the benefits of synthetic golf turf with our landscaping and installation services. Our experts can guarantee a fast and hassle-free installation.

We’ve got everything you need to make sure your backyard putting green is ready for short game practice—whether it’s just a few holes or an entire course.

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