The next time you fertilize your lawn, make sure to keep an eye on your dogs. Fertilizers can make them sick—how bad depends on the type of fertilizer you use. You can stop fertilizing your yard to ensure it’s safe for your dogs, but that could make your grass thin and patchy. If you want a beautiful lawn without the risk of harming your pets, consider investing in an artificial grass installation near me.

Why Are Fertilizers Bad for Dogs?

Fertilizers are bad for dogs because they can contain ingredients and compounds that can make dogs sick, such as:

Cocoa Bean Mulch

This type of mulch contains the chemical theobromine, which can cause various symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea and even heart failure in dogs.

Animal By-Product Meal

These are made from animal parts that have been processed and treated with preservatives. They can be toxic to pets if ingested in large quantities.


Disulfoton is the active ingredient in fertilizers that prevent certain diseases from infecting plants. However, it can cause hemolytic anemia in dogs if eaten. It can lead to organ damage or failure if left untreated.

Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous ammonia is a common chemical in nitrogen-rich fertilizers. Dogs that ingest it can suffer from various health issues, such as stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea. If left untreated, it can cause liver failure.

How Does Artificial Grass Keep Dogs Away From Fertilizer?

Unlike real grass, an artificial grass installation near me doesn’t need fertilizer. It’s made from polyethylene fibers that have been woven together to look like real grass. Moreover, the fibers are often reinforced with polypropylene to keep them sturdy and durable.

These materials don’t require nutrients from the soil to stay lush and green—they’ll look great on their own. In short, you won’t have to fertilize your synthetic lawn to keep it looking great.

Other Toxic Chemicals That Artificial Grass Doesn’t Need

Fertilizers are not the only lawn solution that can make dogs sick. But don’t worry, artificial grass also doesn’t need them. They include:


Pesticides can kill insects and they’re often toxic enough to make dogs sick. They can linger in your lawn as fumes or residue and pups can accidentally inhale or touch them when they play outside.

An artificial turf installation near me doesn’t need pesticides to stay safe from lawn-ruining critters. After all, it doesn’t have any organic matter for them to feed on.


Pups can get sick from weedicides when they lick their paws after stepping on treated turf. They can suffer from various symptoms, such as excessive drooling. Irritation to the skin or eyes and diarrhea.

Artificial grass is made from synthetic fibers that are tightly packed together, which means weeds can’t break through its surface. So you don’t need to spray weed killers to keep it free of unwanted plants.

Go Fertilizer-Free With Artificial Turf in Virginia

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