Your poolside lawn should contribute to a relaxing oasis in your Virginia home, but harsh pool chemicals can often lead to a less-than-ideal aesthetic. These chemicals can damage or discolor natural grass, turning your oasis into more of an eyesore. What’s a solution that won’t have you saying goodbye to your greenscape? Artificial turf in Virginia. 

Unaffected by the following pool chemicals, artificial turf retains its lush, green appearance, maintaining the pristine beauty of your poolside area:

1. Chlorine

Regarded as a vital pool disinfectant, chlorine keeps your pool clean and infection-free. However, its impact on a nearby natural grass lawn can be devastating. 

When routinely splashed onto a lawn, chlorine can cause yellowing, discoloration, and even complete death of grass patches. Chlorine essentially chokes the life out of natural grass and repairing this requires considerable effort and costs. 

In contrast, artificial turf in Virginia remains untouched by chlorine. The synthetic nature of the fibers prevents chlorine absorption, meaning its vibrant color doesn’t fade or degrade. 

No matter the amount of chlorinated water that gets splashed onto it, artificial grass keeps its lush, green appearance and quality year-round. This chlorine resistance ensures your pool-side green space remains inviting and vibrant throughout all your pool jaunts.

2. Bromine

Bromine is another widely popular alternative to chlorine in disinfecting pools. Though a stronger oxidizing agent than chlorine, bromine is gentler on skin and eyes, but not on natural grass. 

When washed onto a lawn, bromine can rapidly oxidize and destroy organic materials, leaving the grass looking dull and distressed. Prolonged contact can even kill the grass, making it difficult to maintain a healthy lawn around your pool. 

However, artificial turf is a game-changer. It’s both color-fast and bromine-resistant. Its synthetic composition negates any destructive oxidizing effects, maintaining a fresh and appealing look no matter the frequency or volume of bromine-laced water that gets splashed onto it.

3. Algaecides or Cyanuric Acid

To keep your pool algae-free, one common method is using algaecides or cyanuric acid stabilizers. While it’s effective in maintaining that crystal-clear, inviting pool water, it’s an enemy of natural grass. Spilling or rinsing off cyanuric acid into your lawn can disrupt photosynthesis and other physiological processes in the grass, causing a rapid decline in grass health. 

Artificial turf in Virginia eradicates this worry. It’s completely inert to these chemical compounds, thanks to its synthetic make-up, ensuring a perpetually healthy-looking lawn. No algaecide or cyanuric acid can blemish the sight of your verdant, artificial green lawn.

4. Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid serves an essential role in balancing the pH level of your pool water. Even though it’s indispensable for maintaining water quality, muriatic acid spells disaster for a natural lawn once it comes into contact, causing rapid discoloration and burning. 

In contrast, artificial grass is resilient and reliable. It’s resistant to muriatic acid, as the chemical has no impact on its color and integrity. Your artificial lawn stays fresh and vibrant, making it a far superior choice for poolsides up against the regular use of muriatic acid.

5. Salt

Saltwater pools are becoming increasingly favored for being gentler on skin and eyes. However, the salt water can lead to withering and death of natural grass, leaving it looking unattractive and patchy. 

This desiccation doesn’t occur with artificial turf in Virginia. It’s synthetically designed to not absorb anything, including salt, maintaining its luxuriant green texture no matter how much salt water drains onto it. The resilience of artificial grass ensures that your poolside will maintain its aesthetic appeal, taking the overall ambiance of your pool area to new heights.

Keep Your Poolside Lawn Green and Pristine

Why stress about pool chemical damage when you can opt for a flawless, maintenance-free solution? If you’re a homeowner in Virginia, making the switch to artificial turf can save your lawn from unsightly chemical wear and give your poolside area a consistently immaculate look. 

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