Autumn is the perfect season to throw parties on your backyard’s artificial turf installation near me. The air is fresh and crisp, and the scenery can be stunning as the colors of the trees change from vibrant greens to vibrant crimsons and golds.

Your synthetic lawn is the perfect party venue because it’s realistic, soft underfoot and easy to maintain. Plus, it can withstand foot traffic, activities and party furnishings without taking damage. So use it to make the most of the season. Consider these awesome backyard party ideas that you can host this fall:

Halloween Party

This is a great chance to get together with friends and family, dress up in costumes and celebrate this spooky holiday.

Carve pumpkins, scatter spider webs, hang up some fake bats and ghosts, and set up speakers for scary music on your artificial lawn. Just don’t drive stakes and pegs into your synthetic turf. They can punch holes and cause irreparable damage to your artificial lawn.

You can also create a scary display, like some monsters eating people or ghostly figures floating on your artificial turf installation near me. Just remember to leave some space for tables and chairs for your party.

Horror Movie-Watching Party

Ask your friends to bring their favorite scream flicks, set up a white screen and projector, and host an outdoor horror movie-watching party. Your artificial lawn is the perfect venue for it because of its lush, soft turf.

First, lay down blankets and pillows on the lawn, so that everyone can lie down and relax while they watch the film. Then, hang up Halloween decorations around the perimeter of the lawn. This will create an eerie atmosphere for your guests as they watch.

Don’t forget to set up tables with snacks and drinks near where people are sitting. That way there’s no need to get up during the film and risk missing anything important! Don’t worry about food spills while watching. It’s easy to clean them off of an artificial grass installation near me.

Camping Party with Artificial Turf

Sharing scary stories, star gazing and roasting marshmallows over a fire—what’s not to love about a camping party? So ask your friends and family to get out their sleeping bags and set up camp in your backyard.

You’ll want to make sure you have enough space to fit all of your guests comfortably. So relocate flower pots and other fixtures and decorations that are on your synthetic lawn.

If you’re planning on making s’mores with an open flame, make sure the fire is some distance away from your synthetic grass. The turf won’t catch fire, but it can melt from the extreme heat.

Make Your Yard Party-Ready With Artificial Turf in Virginia

Backyard parties are a breeze to arrange and host when you have an artificial grass lawn. If you’re looking to add one to your yard, we’re here to help.

You can count on Virginia Artificial Grass for all things synthetic turf. That includes everything from premium artificial grass products to expert installation services. Our team of experts can also help you landscape your yard and teach you all about the different kinds of turf. Send us a message online or give us a call at 757-210-7690 to get started!