Trees give your yard a sense of depth and height, and they look great year-round. They offer shade, which is perfect for sunny days, and some varieties even produce fruits and flowers. Synthetic turf in Virginia compliments trees just like their natural counterpart, but without all the hassle.

However, many people are hesitant to install artificial turf around their trees because of various myths. We’ll cover these myths below so we can dispel them once and for all!

Myth #1: Artificial Grass Is Bad for Trees

Artificial grass is made of synthetic materials, but it’s not airtight. Even if you install it right up against the trunk of a tree, moisture will still be able to get through.

Moreover, artificial grass has great drainage. If it rains a lot, water won’t accumulate on top of it. The moisture will drain right out before it can cause any damage.

And for those concerned about weeds, don’t worry. Artificial grass has a weed membrane that keeps the persistent plants from penetrating the turf but lets water through it. In other words, your trees will be totally safe.

Myth #2: Fallen Leaves and Branches Stick to Artificial Grass

Tree debris, such as leaves, branches, twigs, sap, flowers and fruits can get on synthetic turf in Virginia. But they won’t stick to it permanently. In fact, you can remove them easily with some simple techniques:

  • Pick up large branches and twigs.
  • Sweep off leaves and other loose debris with a broom.
  • Use a leaf blower to remove large piles of leaves.
  • Soak sticky sap and fruit residue with warm water to dilute them before washing them off.
  • Hose off dirt, sap and other tiny debris with water.

Myth #3: Artificial Grass Looks Unnatural Around Trees

Artificial turf looks and feels just like real grass. The only difference is that it’s easier to maintain, more environmentally friendly and can last for years without minimal upkeep.

If you want to install artificial grass around trees but think it might look unnatural because of their proximity, don’t worry. Turf installers in Virginia know exactly what they’re doing. They can lay down the turf flush against your trees in a way that it’ll look like it grew into the space.

Myth #4: Large Tree Roots Destroy Artificial Grass

Most tree roots grow downward in search of moisture, so they rarely break through the surface.The only time tree roots can possibly damage your artificial turf in Virginia is if they are surface-breaking roots. This means the roots grow upwards from the ground and break through the top of the soil. This can happen when your yard is extremely compacted or if you have an old tree with a shallow root system.

If you have trees with roots that are prone to growing out to the surface, you have two options. You can leave a perimeter of soil or mulch around the tree to account for tree growth. Or you can just not install synthetic turf around it at all.

Myth #5: Artificial Grass Can Get Hot and Harm Trees

This myth comes from the fact that natural grass lawns get hotter on sunny days. However, artificial grass does not get as hot as natural grass because it neither absorbs nor retains heat like real grass.

Synthetic grass can get hot, but it dissipates the heat quickly. And if you want to cool down your turf faster, you can hose it down with water without worrying about drowning its lush fibers.

Still on the fence about installing artificial grass for your yard? There are many reasons why synthetic turf for homes makes sense.

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