It’s normal to have some worries about maintaining your dream artificial putting green. Discoloration, matted grass blades, and weed growth are common concerns. However, nearly all of these issues can be prevented with proper care. Know that with routine maintenance, your artificial turf will continue to look great and perform like new– we share some useful tips below.

Follow a Maintenance Schedule

Establishing a regular care routine is key for ensuring your fake grass putting green stays in top playing condition. Here are some must-do maintenance tips:

  • Brush Fibers Upright: Use a stiff bristle brush once a week to lift matted blades back to their original upright position. This maintains proper ball roll and speed.
  • Rinse Away Debris: Every few weeks, spray down your turf with a hose to prevent the buildup of leaves, dirt, and other debris. This keeps fibers from compacting.
  • Inspect for Weeds: Check for weed growth every 2-3 months and promptly pull any you find. Weed killer chemicals can damage artificial grass.
  • Make Repairs: Address any minor tears, seam splits, or detached edges right away. This prevents further damage.
  • Deep Clean Annually: Once a year, do a more thorough rinse and grooming to remove embedded dirt and grime. This refreshes the entire surface.

Protect From Wear and Tear

Taking steps to safeguard your turf from excessive wear and tear will help it last. Consider these tips:

  • Redirect Foot Traffic: Install a walkway beside high traffic areas to prevent excessive flattening in one spot.
  • Use Protective Mats: Place mats under potted plants or furniture legs resting on the turf. This prevents indentation damage.
  • Rotate Practice Locations: Shift practice positions around the green periodically so no one spot gets worn down.
  • Invest in Quality Gear: Use soft rubber-headed putters and foam practice balls. Hard surfaces and real balls take a heavy toll.

Proactively managing foot traffic patterns and using appropriate accessories keeps your turf looking flawless.

Prevent Harm From Weather

Professional synthetic putting green installation in Virginia can handle most types of weather, but it’s still good practice to do the following:

  • Brushing After Storms: Rake up any flattened areas left behind by heavy rain or wind. Use a soft-bristled push broom instead of metal shovels, which can scratch.
  • Clearing Debris Carefully: Remove all debris, such as leaves and twigs, that land on your putting green after bad weather.
  • Storing Loose Items: Temporarily remove and securely store any portable ramps, flags, or hole cutouts during windy conditions.

With some preventative care before and after harsh weather your turf will continue performing beautifully regardless of rain, sun, or snow.

Seek Professional Care If Needed

If despite your best maintenance efforts your turf still needs some TLC, don’t hesitate to call in the experts. We happily provide artificial grass putting green tune-ups, repairs, and replacements. Our skilled technicians can restore your worn, weathered, or damaged turf back to flawless form. We also offer free consultations and quotes for any necessary service work.

Keep Us in Mind for Future Projects

When you are ready to expand your backyard oasis with more synthetic turf features, remember us. We professionally install artificial grass for landscapes, pet areas, playgrounds, event venues, and more throughout Virginia. 

Our full-service approach includes design renderings, graded aggregate basing, turf custom-cutting, and meticulous installation for stunning, ultra-realistic results. Call us today at 757-210-7690 or send us a message to discuss your project!