The benefits of holding pet playdates in your yard are undeniable. Your dogs get to exercise, socialize and have fun without leaving your home. The bad news is that yards don’t hold up well against their antics. Moreover, lawns are full of hidden health hazards for dogs, like pesticides and pests. An artificial grass installation near me provides a solution to both problems. It protects your lawn from dog damage while also making it safer for dogs.

How Artificial Grass Protects Yards During Doggy Playdates

Why put up with holes, upturned turf, pee spots and other dog damage on your yard after playdates when you can prevent them with artificial grass? Here are the ways artificial grass protects your yard:

  • It’s dirt-free, so it doesn’t get muddy when wet. You can say goodbye to muddy paw prints on your grass installation.
  • It will never tear or get holes in it—so no more holes and cut grass blades. Even the most determined diggers and turf munchers can’t damage it.
  • It doesn’t stain or fade over time like natural grass. There’s no need to worry about pet waste leaving marks on it.
  • It’s easy to clean. Just pick up after the dogs, hose their bathroom spots and use a soap solution or enzyme cleaner if necessary.

How Artificial Grass Keeps Dogs Safe During Playdates

Your yard isn’t the only one benefitting from an artificial grass installation near me. Here are the ways pet turf can make your yard safer for dogs:

  • It doesn’t produce pollen that can trigger allergic reactions in dogs. This means that when pups come over to play, they won’t be sneezing or wheezing their way through the day.
  • It absorbs impact from slips and falls. You don’t have to worry about pups bruising or getting serious injuries when they play rough.
  • It’s paw-friendly. Synthetic grass is soft and it doesn’t get hot enough to burn paws during hot weather.
  • It’s easy to disinfect, so you don’t have to worry about keeping bacteria from spreading from pee spots and potty areas.

Still on the fence about synthetic turf in Virginia for your pets? Check out this guide to learn the signs that artificial turf is perfect for you and your dogs.

Dog-Friendly Amenities for Pet Playdates

Want to make playdates in your yard more fun for dogs? We’ve got a few ideas for you!

First, consider making a dog-friendly water feature. This could be as simple as a small kiddie pool or as elaborate as a full-blown pond with an island. Don’t worry; artificial grass holds up well against water.

If you have a pool with high edges, add a ramp or steps so your dog can jump in easily. This is important if there are older dogs in your playdate. They may not be able to jump very high, so having some sort of help is key.

You can also create a digging area. Fill it with clean dirt or sand, then hide a couple of treats in it. Watch as your dogs have fun finding the buried treasures.

Transform Your Yard Into a Doggy Haven With an Artificial Turf Installation Near Me

It’s time to give your dogs the best playdate setting in town. If you’re in the market for pet-friendly artificial grass, look no further than Virginia Artificial Grass.

We have years of experience in installing pet turf for residential and commercial applications. Our artificial turf installers can transform your yard in a matter of hours or days, depending on the size of the site. Fill out our contact form or call us at 757-210-7690 to learn more.